The American Santoku. Stays sharp >3x longer than Shun and Wusthof!

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The Santoku. You may not love veggies, but if you want to be healthy you need them. That's why you need this santoku, with its gorgeous round dimples to help you fly through those peppers, carrots and zucchini. Santoku means three virtues: veggies, fish, and meat. This knife can get through all three in a breeze.

If you're a busy line cook or soon-to-be Michelin star chef, you can bust out those whetstones once every 6 weeks instead of every 2 weeks and save the ten minutes it takes to touch up your knife. That's 3 hours of savings each year! Send out to the sharpener at $10 a pop? Now you can save $173/year by sharpening less frequently.

How? We used steel developed specifically for the cutlery industry. It has exponentially more vanadium than "premium" German and Japanese knives and undergoes a 3rd generation particle metallurgy process. Nobody else does this because it's so expensive! Combined, the PM process and the special alloy make a massive difference in the the toughness, wear resistance, and ultimately, edge retention of our blades. 3x the edge retention! 60% tougher. That's why we chose it. 


What home cooks are saying:

My new workhorse
Now here is a knife that can withstand a brutal level of kitchen punishment, and I'm not known to be gentle when it comes to my approach to cooking. Light, balanced and devilishly sharp, the Artisan Revere Chef's Knife is a delight to use.

Blueharv, Dec 4, 2019

Something about the feel of this knife
To say that this knife is sharp does not do justice. For its size it is surprisingly light yet brutal in it's job. The feel you experience while cutting onions is on another level compared to the rest of the knives I use.

Michael, Nov 30, 2019

League of its own
I've been cooking every day for a month now, just as an excuse to use this knife.

Bonaficio, Dec 2, 2019


Our Limited Edition Work Sharp E5. The most convenient way to maintain your kitchen knives—and the only sharpener specially engineered to keep your Artisan Revere knife in perfect condition.

Master Belt Kit

One course, two medium, one fine, one extra fine.

15° Sharpening Guide

Specially designed for the Artisan Revere Chef’s Knife.

One Touch Refinement

Shape, sharpen, and refine—at the touch of a button.

17° & 20° Sharpening Guides

For bringing Western knives to a factory-sharp edge.

Available exclusively for $199