Double Cheeseburger
Ingredients for smash cheeseburgers: buns, evoo, burger meat, cheddar, eggs, lime, jalapeno, chipotles, onion, lettuce, eggs
Molding first burger patty
Cut tomatoes, onions, mayo, and ketchup
Double smashed cheeseburger

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david james (Los Angeles, US)

Insanely good knife. Until they figure out commercial kitchen lightsabers, this is going to be your only option. Elmax is Goldilocks knife steel: crazy tough, hair-popping sharp and will stay that way without rusting. You’re welcome to spend more on bone handles and esoteric folding if you’re a collector, but if, like me, you regularly use a knife at work or at home and are serious about precision and speed without all the mollycoddling, you won’t find a better knife anywhere for any money. Simply put: Five stars is inadequate: best prep knife on earth, hands down. Thank you Artisan Revere.

Brian Seitz (Framingham, US)
birthday present

The friend I gave it to is a great cook, appreciates quality gear, and he is ecstatic about the A/R petty, loves it. I'm meeting up with him on Friday, and am sure he's going to rave about it.

Jonathan Fortin (Weymouth, US)
Simply Amazing

Simply put, this is the best purchase I have ever made for a kitchen tool. I have and have had all the German knives, cook everyday, and simply can’t believe how great this knife performs and handles. It’s like an extension of my hand. I will be ordering a chefs knife when they come back in stock in a few weeks and will be donating all my old knives. I have no interest in using them ever again.

In addition, I have absolutely blown away by the amazing customer support. I did not expect a personal phone call from David when there was a small shipping concern, loved the inspection video on YouTube, and just the attention to detail in general.

Artisan Revere, thank you for an amazing product. This knife makes me smile every time I hold it in my hand.

Lonnie DelMedico (Stevensville, US)

The products are perfect the interaction with the company throughout the process is even better.If you are second guessing because of the price,don't,you will not be disappointed.

Mauro Hernandez (Denver, US)
Impressive to say the least

I recently got the small petty knife, and I must say, its quality and performance have no comparison. I've never felt a knife cut vegetables so smoothly and easily, and it fits my hand like a glove.

I was initially hesitant to spend so much money on a knife, but after using the small petty knife for a few weeks, I can confidently say that it was worth the investment. This knife has exceeded my expectations in every way and has made my kitchen tasks much easier and enjoyable.

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