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Walnut with Cherry Accents
walnut-with-cherry-accents-, cherry-with-walnut-accents-, maple-
Walnut with Cherry Accents
Walnut with Cherry Accents
Walnut with Cherry Accents
Walnut with Cherry Accents
Walnut with Cherry Accents
Walnut with Cherry Accents

Rescued End-Grain Cutting Board


Important: Boards are made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for us to prepare your order.

4 oz. tin of board paste $25 value + 2 applicator pads $10 value with purchase

Choose your color: Walnut with Cherry Accents

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Your old edge-grain and hard plastic cutting boards are ruining your knife edges. Step it up with the Artisan Revere end-grain board that saves the environment and your knives' edges. Our end-grain boards are built right: to make your life easier. They keep your knives sharper, longer, are easy to maneuver, and they’re built to last a lifetime with minimal care.

Our Boards:
1. Are handcrafted with meticulous attention to wood selection & joinery.
2. Sanded smooth, soaked in food-grade mineral oil twice, dried, and finished with A/Rs Conditioning Paste. 

Care Guide
  1. A dishwasher can destroy any wood product — hand wash only.
  2. No prolonged water exposure — avoid soaking in the sink.
  3. After use, clean with warm water, dish soap and a sponge.
  4. After washing ALL 6 sides, dry with a towel — this prevents warpage.
  5. Store your board on its edge, not its rubber feet — it will dry faster.
  6. Every 2-4 weeks, generously apply food-grade mineral oil with a paper towel.
  7. Apply conditioning paste the following day with included Applicator Pad.
  8. Serrated knives will scar your board. Cleavers can damage it. Avoid both.

Walnut, Cherry, and Maple keep your knife sharper for longer

Easy to pick up and maneuver thanks to deep, wide, well-buffed handle grooves

End-grain wood is safer for your family — it's proven to kill bacteria

Self-healing vertical fibers ensure minimal board scarring and are soft on knife edges

Feel confident when you cook thanks to completely non-slip 0.5" tall rubber feet

Rescued wood from premium quality off-falls are better for the planet

Made in the USA

Rescued off-falls from
sustainably managed forrest

Rescued End-Grain Cutting Board Rescued End-Grain Cutting Board

End-Grain Cutting Board Specifications

Weight: 8-9 lbs.


Deep, wide, and well-buffed handle grooves make it easy to pick up and maneuver your board.


0.5" tall rubber non-slip feet for safety and stability. Rubber feet: 1. absorb shocks, 2. keep the board's bottom dry, 3. provide an easier grip when moving, 4. increase board stability, 5. ensure your board NEVER slips. No more towel soaking & no more warped boards.


Our boards are 100% rescued end-grain wood. That means your knife goes between the wood fibers when you cut, and your board won't scar or harbor bacteria. Healthier for you and your knife.


Every side, corner, and radius is completely softened and rounded by hand. This ensures easy maneuvering and that you never hurt yourself on an edge.

Your Questions, Answered

How Should I Wash My Board?

With warm or hot water, dish soap, and a sponge. If there is stuck-on food you can remove it with a bench scraper. It is very important to wash the cutting surface thoroughly. We also recommend wetting all six (6) sides to prevent warpage and bowing.

How Should I Dry My Board?

With a dish towel. Make sure to dry your board thoroughly - i.e. dry all six (6) sides.

How Should I Store My Board?

On one of its edge sides, so it is standing up. It's best to rest it on the counter against the wall with the 18” side on the counter. Storing your board on its edge speeds up the drying process and ensures that the top and bottom dry at the same rate, reducing the likelihood of bowing and warping.

When & How Should I Apply Mineral Oil?

If water absorbs into your board instead of beading you can re-apply. Alternatively, if your board looks dry, it most certainly is. Apply mineral oil with a paper towel or dedicated dish rag to all six (6) sides. 4 oz. is a good amount of oil. Your board can soak up even more.

Should I Apply Conditioning Paste?

Yes. Wait until the mineral oil has been fully absorbed (overnight is a good idea). A good conditioning paste, made from beeswax and mineral oil will seal your board. At a minimum, apply the board paste to the cutting surface with our applicator sponge. You may also apply to the other sides if desired.

Serrated Knives & Cleavers.

We strongly recommend you avoid these on a wooden cutting board. Serrated knives have saw teeth. Saws are used to cut wood. Cleavers are essentially axes. Axes are used to chop wood. Avoid both and your cutting board will thank you.

When Will My Board Ship?

Cutting boards are made to order and typically ship within 2 weeks of purchase. On occasion, we make a few extra boards, and they’re ready for shipment within 3-5 business days.

Do You Ship Overseas?

We do not ship cutting boards overseas.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marco Aurelio (Oyster Bay, US)
Cutting Board Perfection

The Artisan Revere cutting board is perfection. Solidly built, pre-seasoned, with rubber feet to keep it stable and in place my preparation of food has been improved remarkably. My knives keep their edge longer and it’s simply easier to cut garlic, onions, herbs and everything g else with greater ease and perfection because of the hardness of the end grain wood. Great product.

Alixandra Kriegsman (Brooklyn, US)
gorgeous and functional

first of all - this board is stunning. I have already gotten so many compliments from guests who practically interrogate me about who makes it, where its from, etc. so there's that.

but as someone who cooks a lot, this board just knocks the others out of the park re: ease and functionality and tbh it's the only one I ever want to use. so easy, love the feet, and I feel very pro when I stand behind that thing. everything about cooking feels smoother.

MARK STEELE (Larkspur, US)
Work of art

Love these boards. We have 3 now and they make amazing gifts. The cutting surface is so beautiful I almost don’t want to use it but we are a cooking family. They get used daily. Helps protect my knives as well.

Keep up the good work.

Robert Candelaria (Boulder, US)
cutting board

WoW... I'm so impressed with the quality and awesome craftsmanship !!! Would highly recommend !!!!

Lisa A.
An Amazing Piece of Art

We love this exceptional cutting board. It’s beautifully crafted, sleak lines, and leaves no knife marks- it was worth the investment. Treat yourself- it’s worth it.

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Rescued End-Grain Cutting Board

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