The Paring Knife

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Scalpel-like precision and sharpness

Completely reimagined for the human hand

Like-a-glove fit for superior maneuverability

Elmax® 3rd Gen Powder Steel: sharper for longer

FSC Certified Richlite® handles from 65% recycled wood pulp

Safety-first design with a 1.1" tall finger guard

Custom-quality leather sheaths for convenient storage

Without a tall finger guard at the heel, your old paring knife knife was dangerous. That's why we reimagined what a paring knife could be. Precision work demands you be further up on the blade, so we made a 1.1" tall heel that lets you move further up the blade for control and comfort, while eliminating the risk of cutting yourself. 

Each tool we craft comes with our 10,000 Cuts Guarantee. Simply, use your knife like you normally would for 10,000 cuts, or up to 100 days, and if it’s not the best performing and most comfortable tool you’ve ever owned, send it back for a 100% refund. 

Our proprietary grinding and sharpening processes get your knife cutting like an ultra-thin and "fast" Japanese custom, while approaching German boat anchor toughness and chip resistance. Thinner. Tougher. Sharper for longer. That's Artisan Revere Sharp™.

Become one with your knife. Fully softened handles, spines, and choils on all knives so that you become one with your knife. That's Revere's Comfort Promise. Designed to be the most comfortable knife, ever. 

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materials and processes

Made in the USA

“So sharp, you’ll need to keep them in their leather sheaths.”
"Comfortable to hold and offers perfect precision while cutting.”
“Incredibly comfortable. Well-designed. An excellent product.”
“Everything about it is incredibly well made.”
The Paring Knife The Paring Knife

Paring Knife Specifications

Weight:65g +/- 2g


Knives are precision ground thinner towards the tip to ensure surgical tip work while maintaining a strong point.


"Coring a tomato feels like using a scalpel, the tip extracting the stem end with precision." -Men's Health


Our expertly ground 15° edge bevel is just 3 human hairs thick. That's why, "peeling an apple is surgical, the skin lifting from the surface flesh of the fruit." -Men's Health


Elmax® powder steel costs 30x more than typical German knife steel. Without it, we couldn't grind as thin and create the kind of precision we do.


Your knife shouldn't hurt you or cause discomfort. That's why we softened the choils — to maximize your comfort.


Kitchens get hot and uncomfortable. Your knife shouldn't. We can't stand rough edges and think you shouldn't have to either.


Your hand shouldn't feel cramped on your knife. That's why we made a longer neck and 100% softened points of contact. Your hand can breathe and you get drastically better maneuverability.


Our handles were designed to be smooth, non-slip, and, oh-so buttery soft. That "extension of my hand" feeling you've been looking for is finally here.


Designed to guarantee you'll never cut yourself on the heel again. 1.1" tall with a forward recurve choil. Go ahead, choke up and prep with confidence.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Anthony C.

The rounded handle profile makes it very comfortable

Anthony - thank you! Lot's of thought and iteration went into the details for the handle, the length of the neck, the no-cut profile for the choil. Hope you're still loving your paring knife. -Dave & the A-R Team

Gordon C.
Fabulous parer!

Design is excellent - perfect shape, awesome balance and works well in the hand.

Craftsmanship is really “next level” - not a rough edge anywhere. Hanvdle and blade are both perfectly finished and the scales are perfectly fitted.

The choir and the spine are nicely rounded and the handle actually has a soft “feel” to it even though it’s a hard material.

Couldn’t be happier. Has moved into my everyday use blade slur for my kitchen, and I ended up purchasing the chef’s knife based on the design, quality and craftsmanship in this smaller knife.

One more thing. The leather sheath that it ships with is first rate - great leather and perfectly fitted.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for noticing all the little details!
David & the A-R Team

Stuart D.
5 Star

As described....worth the investment.

Stuart—so glad you're pleased! -David

Christopher M.
Best of the best

I got in on the original chef knife during AR's kickstarter campaign a few years back. And as much as I like that knife, i really love this paring knife: the steel, of course, the blade geometry, and that it seats so well in the hand. It's one of those knives that is a pleasure to use. And did I mention sharp! Throw in a quality leather sheath and I can't imagine any more one could ask for.

Christopher — thank you so much for showing us the love! I'm here in Florida at my parents house, and they have the original chef's knife too. I love it, but the knives we've been making the past ~1 year have undergone a handful of small, but very meaningful upgrades since those Kickstarter knives. If you have any friends who cook who might want your original knife as a pretty great hand-me-down upgrade, I think it might be worth your while to give one of our newest chef's knives a try (100 day no-risk trials, FYI). We appreciate you! -David

Anne Y.
This is the best knife

This is the best knife I have ever used, and I have been cooking for many years. So glad I found you. Anne Yeager

Anne, we're so happy to read this! We're glad you found us too! Happy holidays! -David

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The Paring Knife

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