What handle colors are available?

Our handles come in the following colors: 

  • Burgundy with white trim

  • Midnight black with white trim

  • Cobalt blue with red trim 

  • Maple with forest green trim


What are the exact specifications of your knife?

  • Elmax High Vanadium Super Steel hardened 60-61RC 

  • Full tang construction 8.6” long, 2.05” tall at the heel

  • 13.6″ OAL (overall length) 

  • Edge geometry: 50/50 bevel, 15 degrees per side, ground with a convex micro bevel 

  • Edge retention: 933.7 TCC (total cards cut) 

  • Behind-the-edge thickness measures 0.012″ 

  • Spine thickness measures 0.090″, with distal taper 

  • Entire knife weighs 175 grams +/- 3 grams 

  • Balance point: directly in front of the handle


Why did you partner with Work Sharp®?

Work Sharp is the leader of at-home electric sharpening tools—so it only made sense that we partner with them to create the Limited Edition Work Sharp x Artisan Revere model. It’s designed exclusively for our knives, with a 15 degree angle guide installed, and 17 degree and 20 degree angle guides available in the box for your Western knives. In addition we’ve also included a full progression of professional-grade sharpening belts. The Limited Edition WS x AR can shape, sharpen, and refine your edges with the simple touch of a button.


When does my knife need to be sharpened?

If you notice any visible chips on the edge of your knife—or if your knife can no longer pierce a tomato with minimal pressure—it’s time to get it sharpened. If you'd like an extremely easy-to-use, turnkey solution, we recommend the Limited Edition Work Sharp x Artisan Revere. If not, we suggest investing in some good whetstones.


How do I care for my knife?

The Artisan Revere knife is designed to be so strong, so durable, that your grandchildren can pass it down to their own children one day. This is only possible if you care for your knife properly. You should: Hand wash after every use with soap and warm water, and dry before storing. Acidic foods can cause the knife to patina modestly if not washed off right after use. Avoid the dishwasher: it ruins the blade, compromises the handle—and voids your warranty. Only cut non-frozen foods. Don’t use it as a substitute for a hammer, can opener, screw driver, or box cutter. Do not cut bone with your knife—that’s what butcher knives and cooking shears are for. 


Is this knife dishwasher safe?

No. In fact, no high quality knife is dishwasher safe. Your dishwasher is a hurricane of scorching hot water and highly abrasive detergent―a perfect storm that can chip, dull, destroy, and warp even the strongest steel. Your dishwasher may also compromise the epoxy that helps hold together the knife handle.


Is this really the first ever Elmax kitchen knife?

Technically, no. There are 2 companies that have made Elmax knives in the past. One of them occasionally still does, though they are focused on outdoor knives. There are also less than a handful of custom knife makers who use Elmax, one of whom we prototyped with extensively last year. We are unaware of anyone making more than 10 Elmax chef knives per year.