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The Chef’s Knife

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Supremely thin and sharp for 40% easier cuts

Tougher steel that's harder to chip

Softened handles & spine eliminate discomfort

Perfectly balanced for power and precision

Elmax® 3rd Gen Powder Steel for toughness and edge retention

FSC-certified Richlite® handles from 65% recycled wood pulp

Custom-quality leather sheaths included for storage

Your old chef’s knife cut poorly, dulled quickly, and tore up your hands. The Artisan Revere Sharp™ Elmax® steel chef’s knife stays sharper for far longer, up to 2.3x longer. The chef’s knife also boasts a “like a glove fit”, for a cutting experience that’s more comfortable than you’ve ever imagined.

Each tool we craft comes with our 10,000 Cuts Guarantee. Simply, use your knife like you normally would for 10,000 cuts or 100 days, and if it’s not the best performing and most comfortable tool you’ve ever owned, send it back for a 100% refund.

Our proprietary grinding and sharpening processes get your knife cutting like an ultra-thin and "fast" Japanese custom, while approaching German boat anchor toughness and chip resistance. Thinner. Tougher. Sharper for longer. That's Artisan Revere Sharp™.

We meticulously soften the handles, spines, and choils on each knife so you become one with your knife. That's Revere's Comfort Promise™. Designed to be the most comfortable knife, ever. Crafted for discerning hands. Your hands.

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materials and processes

Made in the USA

“So sharp, you’ll need to keep them in their leather sheaths.”
"Comfortable to hold and offers perfect precision while cutting.”
“Incredibly comfortable. Well-designed. An excellent product.”
“Everything about it is incredibly well made.”
The Chef’s Knife The Chef’s Knife

A/R Chef's Knife Specifications

Weight:175g +/- 3g


Knives are precision ground thinner towards the tip to ensure precise tip work while maintaining a strong point.


For a knife that cuts through food with less pressure and stays sharp, even with wear. Just 3 human hairs thick behind the edge.


Designed to guarantee that you'll never cut yourself on a knife's heel again. 2.05" tall with a forward recurve choil. Go ahead, choke up on the blade for increased power and precision.


Elmax® powder steel costs 30x more than typical German knife steel. Shouldn't you know exactly what goes into it?


Your knife should not hurt you or create calluses. Thats why we softened the choils — to maximize your comfort.


Kitchens get hot and uncomfortable. Your knife shouldn't. We can't stand rough edges and think you shouldn't have to either.


Your hand shouldn't feel cramped on your knife. Thats why we made ours with a slightly longer neck, so your hand can breathe and relax.


Our handles were designed to be smooth, non-slip, and, oh-so buttery soft. That "extension of my hand" feeling you've been looking for is finally here.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Shannon Virga (Huntington Station, US)
Life Changing! Taking the Pain out of Prep

I've never encountered a knife quite like this - the craftsmanship is even more apparent in person. I already love to cook, but now I'm even more eager to get into the kitchen knowing I have the perfect tool to get my prep work done in a flash. I have a bad wrist, so excessive force when chopping has always been a literal pain -- no longer. I also love all the care tips included!

Ed D (Holland, US)

This is an excellent knife. I really enjoy cooking and received this as a very thoughtful gift. I have collected some fine knives during my years of travel (Germany and Japan) and I would place this knife on par or slightly ahead of knives nearly double the cost. The packaging is outstanding as well.

T.M. (Irvine, US)
Loved the packaging and note from the owner!

The brand logo and elements engraving add a nice finishing touch to this beauty. Needed to upgrade my chef knife and this blew my expectations. From the design to functionality - Artisan Revere has really nailed it. They use Elmax Steel so it's guaranteed to be one of the sharpest and durable knives in your kitchen.

Gordon C.
Awesome knife for pretty much any meal preparation work!

I purchased my Artisan chef's knife after purchasing its companion paring knife and being impressed with its design, its meticulous craftsmanship, and its great overall performance (cutting ability, fit in my hand, comfort and usability).

I have to say - the chef's knife checked all the same boxes for me. It's a really well made blade, perfectly sized and balanced and finished to that it feels like an extension of your hand when you use it.

It uses a truly premium steel, is wicked sharp, and holds an edge well without being at all fragile - it's a knife I feel very comfortable using every day for prep work.

Do I baby it a little? Sure. It's a lovely piece, and I don't have to deal with a lot of bones or hard veggies (squash, pumpkin) - but I have a heavy -bladed knife for that work. I'm sure it would handle the squash OK, but those rare occasions give me the chance to bring out the heavy blade.

For the other 99% of prep work - it's a fabulous tool that brings a smile to my face every time I pick it up.

Thanks, Guys!

Gordon - wow! This is such an amazing review. Thank you so much for noticing all the details we obsess over. I'm sending your review along to the boys in the shop. They'll be so glad to read it! Have a great weekend.
-Dave & the A-R Team

Tyson M.
The Ultimate Adult Upgrade Kitchen Knife

These are definitely the best in the game! I haven't gotten a new chef knife since college and this is the one after doing some extensive research.

Tyson - so glad you're pumped about the upgrade!
-Dave & the A-R Team

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The Chef’s Knife

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