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Our story

The birth of the only knives you need

days ago, a former steel investor gathered a team of experts, and together, they brought forth one unified vision, conceived in boundary-pushing, science, and comfort, that tools must be dramatically and radically improved.

Now, on this day, and for many days henceforth, we will be engaged in a battle, testing whether we as a proud and unyielding band of knife and tool-makers, machinists, cooks, and designers, can overtake the behemoths who stand steadfastly in the way of progress and breakthroughs. In the way of increased edge life, easier cuts, and supreme ergonomics.

Our story

Quality you can count on

We stand behind the quality of our products and want you to be thrilled with your purchase. We offer risk-free returns within 60 days of product delivery.

And you, as our faithful partners, you cooks and caretakers, you tinkerers and outdoorsmen, you give us all the encouragement our spirits and bodies need. You keep the cool wind blowing at our backs as we climb this steep and treacherous terrain, long-guarded by the three-headed Cerberus called Wusthof-Zwilling-Shun.

Daily, our faces and hands are marred and sometimes scarred by flames and sharp edges, our minds whipped by unexpected challenges. But each day we wake invigorated by possibility—the chance to construct tools that cause wonder and elation.

Our story

It is, therefore, on your behalf, our partners in this experiment in boundary-pushing, that we will never stop experimenting, never stop analyzing and testing, never stop learning or pushing the limits of precision, ergonomics, and craftsmanship.

We will never stop fighting because you deserve our unyielding and tireless efforts. And we will never yield. And when we fall short, we will learn and improve, until we succeed. We will never stop giving you all that we can give. We will never yield. It is you, our loyal partners and customers, to whom we proudly dedicate each tool we fashion.

This was all possible thanks to our 410 backers.

Thank you!

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