The first of its kind.

The Elmax Super Steel Chef’s Knife

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18 Months Of Testing. 247 Revisions. One Unrivaled Chef's Knife.

The precision of a razor, the strength of an axe.

The “super” in Elmax® Super Steel.

Maximize flavor, minimize maintenance.

Break bread. Not blades.

For the hardest, strongest chef’s knife on the market, look no further. We took Carbon, the backbone of life, and packed 3x more into our steel for a blade that’s 60% tougher than anything on the market. We’ve harnessed the foundation of all things and laid the groundwork for your next culinary endeavor.

Vanadium puts the “super” in “super steel.” Our innovative atomic powder process infuses 20x more of this virtually indestructible element—which means your knife stays razor-sharp. For the thinnest, sharpest knife yet. Guaranteed.

Even the toughest steel needs protection from rust. We strengthen our alloy with 18% chromium, for world-class rust prevention. No corrosion, no metallic taste. Just food that tastes how it should.

Molybdenum super-charges our knives with chip and rust resistance. This remarkable element withstands 300,000 PSI—and boasts the third highest melting point on the periodic table. Brilliantly resists corrosion and chipping.

Elmax High Vanadium
Super Steel

The world’s most advanced steel defines a new era of knives. Thinner, sharper, stronger. The longest lasting steel kitchen knife ever tested. Finally—a knife that does the work for you.


Tested over 18 grueling months, by hundreds of home cooks and professional chefs. A knife that feels like a natural extension of your hand. With our groundbreaking handle and rounded spine, we’re altering your understanding of comfort—forever.


Our advanced steelmaking process emits 738 times less fossil fuel than leading competitors, and our handles contain 65% recycled wood pulp from a US-based supplier. For innovation beyond the kitchen.

Work Sharp x Artisan Revere

The most advanced sharpener for the most advanced knife.

Choose your knife. Add your Work Sharp®, specifically designed to hone and sharpen the strongest blade on the market. Take home your state-of-the-art power duo—and transform your kitchen experience like never before.

The Specs

Blade Material:

Elmax High Vanadium Super Steel

Heat treated to 60 Rockwell

Blade Dimensions

0.012” behind the edge

0.090” spine with distal taper

8.6” blade

2.05” tall at heel

13.6” overall length


175g +/- 2g


Richlite + G-10 liners

Edge Geometry:

50/50 bevel

15 degree per side cutting edge

compound bevel


Stays sharp 2.31x longer

933.7 average Total Cards Cut

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